Company Performance

In 2017, the Company has operated fully the pipeline network of Gresik Jawa Timur through PT Triguna Internusa Pratama.

This achievement has contributed to the increase of gas transportation volume which recorded the largest growth in operational performance, reached 71.81%.


2018 Business Outlook

For 2018, the government has projected the growth of gas lifting realization in the range of 1,200 MBOEPD, higher than gas lifting realization in 2017 that reached 1,140 MBOEPD.

The determination of the projection is accompanied by thegovernment efforts to:

  1. Make efficient use of costs to safeguard the economy;
  2. Provide incentive to overcome investment delay;
  3. Add development sources, work over, and well service;
  4. Solve subsurface problems;
  5. Minimize disruption of operations;
  6. Actively coordinate the constraints of land acquisition and licensing;
  7. Implement more effective procurement strategies;
  8. Encourage solving problems in the midstream and downstream to overcome the low absorption of buyers; and
  9. Provide certainties of work area management, long before